10 Best Foods to Cleanse Liver and Gallbladder of Stones Part 2



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What is the best diet for gallstones? More and more research is showing that high fiber and a low-fat diet are the key. You can start to include the following 10 foods to your diet now to start to flush your gallbladder, liver, and colon. Experts agree that to flush these organs is a key step to pass your gallstones.

1. Water – Any proper diet needs to include plenty of water. Pure, clean water provides a flush for your body and for all the organs in it. It’s recommended you get at least 2 liters (about half a gallon) a day.

2. Fiber – Grains are your best sources of fiber for a gallstone diet. Read the labels to make sure you’re getting at least 3 grams per serving. http://www.balancedhealthtoday.com/xeneplex.html

3. Skip the products with enriched flour (such as white bread) and get multi-grain or wheat products instead. And check the labels to get the most dietary fiber.

4. Salads – Include a salad with each meal. Spinach is a great choice because it has a lot of chlorophyll, which we talk about next.

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