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Surrounded Bile Forms Gallstones & Gets worse Liver Congestion Cholesterol molecules in the biliary sludge mix with a protein glue called mucin and start to firm up. Once this occurs, the stone keeps feeding on fresh supplies of cholesterol-filled bile from the liver and grows. As the stone grows, it harms the gallbladder, causing redness that impacts on the liver upstream. This leads to the liver getting more congested and manufacturing even thicker bile, beginning the cycle over again. Note that as the cycle moves forward, liver function declines and gallstone expansion fast increases, making timely treatment intensely crucial.

Breaking the Gallstone Cycle Since gallstone formation is the results of these 3 critical factors, reversing each problem is important : All existing stones need to be melted. The gallbladder wishes to restart full contractions. The liver desires to provide higher quality bile.

Gallstone Attack Sufferer Shares Their Glytamins Experience!

A week after having a gallstone attack, Terri (not her real name) contacted me.

Terri could not eat solid food because it aggravated the symptoms, and was limited to a liquid diet. Her doctor had cautioned her that gallbladder surgery might be necessary.

It is easy to understand how the extreme pain of a gallbladder attack could drive someone to surgery!

Terri wrote me with an interest in trying the Glytamins, but afraid of any possible side effects. I double-checked her question with the scientist who created these detox support suppositories.

Below is our discussion from that point:

Gallstone Attack Discussion

Photo: Gallstones attack averted – after 6 days of taking Glytamins suppositories, patient eliminated them. (Caught in the trap of a colonic machine after a colon hydrotherapy treatment)!glytamins-colon-hydrotherapy

Hi Terri,

Sorry to hear you are struggling with the pain of gallstones and the fear of gallstone attack.

I have had phone discussions with the scientist who developed Glytamins and the related detox suppositories (Medicardium, Xeneplex and Endosterol). One thing that I am constantly impressed with is how very cautious he is in creating his formulas.

Glytamins is a supplement meant to thin the bile among many other health benefits, and does it gently, safely and effectively. It also relaxes the gallbladder, promotes healthy bile flow and has other benefits as well. Healthy bile flow is needed to help prevent a gallstone attack.

I cannot speak for you, however my own experience and that of my clients is that Glytamins is very gentle and positive in its effects.

Sounds like you have a sense of what is helpful for you.

Clients of mine who have had their gallbladder removed voice regret. The pain of a gallstone attack is what drives them to surgery, and I can understand. However, the gallbladder has some very important functions and obviously once it has been removed, cannot be put back…

I have never heard anyone say anything negative about the Glytamins. Below my signature, I provide links to my Glytamins pages, also a wonderful audio lecture by the scientist who created Glytamins.

**It is important to give yourself a healthy lifestyle in general to heal any condition, so make sure you are providing that foundation for improving health.**

It is also important to remember that it takes time for such a condition as gallstones to develop. To prevent gallstone attacks in the future will require some persistence on your part to achieve sound health. When bile is liquid and flowing freely, a gallstone attack is impossible to have.

The other point I want to make is that bile thickens because of toxins, (new window) then can form gallstones. So it is important to consider possibility of mercury and other toxic metals, chemical exposure and other causes of slow bile flow.

It makes sense to consider toxins as a contributing factor in gallstone attack. At some point it may be worth it to consider the other suppositories in the ‘series.’

If you like, try 1- 6  boxes of Glytamins Please scroll down. Amount of Boxes you need depends on duration of problem.  For Maintenance 1-3 boxes , if you are in pain 1 box for every year of pain. Minimum 3.-6 boxes.


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