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Liver Gall Bladder Stone Disslover Bile Therapy

The Liver and Gallbladder Suppossitories ( Glytamins ) can be used by those who have had gallbladder removal as well as by those who have not. This is because there are often gallstones in the liver and in fact, most likely are if you’ve had them in the gallbladder. The problem with bile has its root in the formation in the liver.

A flush helps to alleviate congestion due to gallstones and/or thickened bile A person can have gallstones after gallbladder removal because this underlying problem of bile stagnation has not been addressed.

Congestion can be a problem in the gallbladder and in the liver itself as well as in the bile ducts.

RISK FACTORS FOR GALLBLADDER DISEASE * Overweight * Rapid weight loss * Estrogen intake and birth control pills(estrogen increases the concentration of cholesterol in the bile) * Diabetes * Over age 40 and increase in risk as one ages * Female especially those who have had children * Ethnicity (Pima Indians and Mexican-Americans) * High triglycerides, high LDL cholesterol, decreased HDL cholesterol, * Alcohol intake * Family history of gallbladder disease (Heredity) * Cholesterol-lowering drugs, immunosuppressive drugs and others * Very Low Calorie Diets * Diet high in saturated fats * Diet high in refined foods and sugars * Diet low in fiber (which is what the refined diets are) and not enough vegetables * Non-fat diets * Low-fat diets * Constipation * Diseases such as chronic

inflammatory bowel disease, chrons disease (ulcerative colitis is controversial) Hemolytic anemias


Symtpoms of a gallbladder attack are often caused by gallbladder stones. A stone may block the neck of the gallbladder or get stuck in a bile duct inhibiting the flow of bile or possibly causing a backing up of bile. However, short of causing an actual attack, stones may be present for years and never cause any symptoms at all.

Biliary pain can occur in about a third of the gallstone patients”” (which leaves two thirds NOT experiencing pain) and “”sometimes the gallstone symptoms are difficult to differentiate from that of dyspepsia.”” (indigestion)3 The gallstones can impair the functioning of the gallbladder, however, which can result in any of the common gallbladder symptoms.

Gall bladder symptoms can look and feel the same with or without stones. Therefore, all of the symptoms on listed on this page can accompany gallstones and gallstones can also be asymptomatic meaning you do not have any symptoms. These are called silent gallstones.

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