How To Beat Gallstones Naturally Part 3



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Liver Cleansing Diet

“A Gallstone Prevention Diet

A diet high in fiber is an excellent defense against gallstones. Fiber reduces the absorption of acids and helps food pass smoothly through your system. The best types of fiber are found in vegetables and fruit. Apples, pears, beans, and berries are all high in fiber. Try to consume at least twenty-five grams of fiber per day and make sure that you drink plenty of water with it.

Coffee seems to be associated with less painful gallstones. Not just any coffee will do – it must be caffeinated. Also avoid excess sugars and carbohydrates if you are prone to gallstones. High levels of insulin in the blood may contribute to gallstones. Some people who use anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen or ibuprofen find that they get fewer gallstones. It is important to take a multivitamin as a part of a healthy diet. People who don’t get enough of vitamins C or E or calcium tend to have more gallstones.

Foods to Avoid

There is a reason that vegetarians are less likely to get gallstones – fruits, vegetables, and grains are high in fiber and great for the digestive system. As I have mentioned previously, diet is perhaps the most important factor in gallstone prevention. Fattening foods – particularly those that are deep-friend and loaded with saturated fats – put you at a much higher risk of developing gallstones. Saturated fats are not only loaded with calories, but are also very hard on the body. These almost exclusively come from animal products: egg yolks, red meat, whole milk, and cheeses. Avoid these foods or eat them in moderation to mitigate your risk for developing gallstones.

Avoid carbohydrate-rich foods that are low in fiber. These might include: white bread, pasta, sugary cereals, white rice, and cookies. If you are going to indulge in carbohydrate-rich foods, be sure that you can get at least four to five grams of fiber per serving out of them. Choose whole grain breads and pastas over white, and use brown rice over white. If you are selecting a breakfast cereal, read the label carefully to ensure that you are getting your five grams of fiber per cup.

Remember that a gallstone is a symptom that your body is not functioning properly. The accompanying symptoms are gas, cramping, and even jaundice. If your organs are not functioning due to a buildup of gallstones, you cannot possibly achieve optimum health and longevity. If you suffer from gallstone, speak with your doctor about natural treatment options.

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