Why do a Liver Gallbladder Flush? Part 3



Natural Gallbladder Flush

Liver Cleansing Diet

When “the General” is not at its best, the rest of the organs become sluggish, lazy, or rebellious, according to Chinese medicine, and the symptoms that we experience may include the following:
Digestive problems
Frequent belching, bloating, or intestinal gas
Stomach pain
Rashes or skin problems
Headaches and throbbing headaches
Eye problems including: blurred vision, decreasing vision, eye pain, eye flutters or twitches, floaters
Irritability, depression or frequent anger
Difficulty sleeping, especially between 1am-3am
Menstrual problems, including too much or too little blood flow, cramping, clotting, and other PMS symptoms
Testicular problems
Yeast symptoms
Chemical sensitivities
Problems with tendons and connective tissues
Sexual organ dysfunctions and Low Libido
Springtime and Liver Cleansing

Traditionally, Spring time is the best season to care for and replenish the Liver, as its element, Wood, corresponds to the Spring season. We can take advantage of all the fresh, local, green healing foods to support the Liver in detoxifying, cleansing, and restoring its optimal function. Foods to look for in the farmers market that support the Liver in its seasonal healing process are dark, leafy, green, bitter or sour, and of course, organic or verifiable pesticide free. Below you’ll find a couple of recipes for one of our favorite spring time ingredients to boost and detoxify the Liver, Dandelion greens!

While food is always at the foundation of our healing programs here at Alchemy, we are also always looking for the best way to support lasting health, to balance all the energetic systems in the body, and to empower our community to take back the reigns on their own healing journey. That’s why we’ve decided to offer this Liver Gallbladder flush as our May Cleanse program, with the help and collaboration of Premier Research Labs. They have developed a protocol and accompanying herbal products that utilizes the wisdom of the ancient healing traditions combined with the advances in modern medicine and nutrition.

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